"A line is a dot that went for a walk." - Paul Klee

  • Hannah Reid

    Writer, Designer, Communicator, Strategist

    Hannah is a collaborative marking and communications strategist and resonant brand builder with over fifteen years of experience developing and delivering original messaging campaigns that effectively raise awareness, open minds, build trust, inspire action, and deliver results on behalf of mission-driven organizations.

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  • Tim Sinnott

    Cartographer, Artist, Designer

    Tim is  a geospatial application designer, cartographer and artist with over two decades of professional experience creating custom maps and applications designed to share information and tell powerful stories in service of sustainability, equity, education, and art.  And because Tim  has  been mad about maps since he could read a Gazetteer in the backseat on family road trips, he also designs interesting  maps as art in his free time, including custom projects for businesses and individual clients.

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