About Tim

Mission: To push the boundaries of geographic information to create simple, elegant, abstract representations of my favorite places in the world using minimal data and color.

Maps: These maps reside at the intersection of art, utility and place. I have designed them for your walls, and while you may be able to locate yourself in their content, they will not help you find your way home (though you’re welcome to give it a try).

Translation: Derived from elevation data, slope reflects the steepness of land, aspect reflects direction.  I have combined these two data sets to show familiar landscapes from a new perspective. The darkest, most vibrant colors show the steepest slopes of mountains, cliffs, and canyon walls, while the white areas show flats, valley floors, ridge lines, and water. The pale, in-between colors show gentle slopes; rolling hills and transitional zones.  The cool blue colors symbolize north-facing slopes, pink and orange describe east and west-facing slopes, and south-facing slopes are shown in yellow. 

Places: I find the geographic locations that result in the most visually interesting slope and aspect maps are those with a variety of topographic details, like open plains and oceans that gently rise to high peaks, or plateaus that plunge into deep canyons.  That said, slope and aspect data can be generated for any location, and I would be more than happy to create an S&A map of your favorite parts of the world, whether that happens to be a geographic region, like North Lake Tahoe or if the data are available, a specific mountain, like Oregon's Mt. Hood.  If you have a location in mind that you would like mapped, please contact me at slopeandaspect@gmail.com or @slopeandaspect.

Me (@tsinn): As a consulting cartographer, I have spent the past decade designing maps for a long list of clients.  I am excited to have an opportunity to showcase some of my own original works of art that are defined by simplicity and highlight a modern approach to cartography.

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