Collection: Sisu

A note from Lindsay's husband, Craig:

Thank you for supporting the inherent power of Lindsay: Sisu. If you didn't know, Lindsay is part Finnish. She embodies a Finnish attribute that is hard to translate into English. Sisu roughly means stoic determination, grit, the ability to fight in the face of adversity...a certain hardiness reserved for those who can bear long winters and limited sunshine knowing that at some point, the tables will turn. Lindsay embodies this determination which is so important at this moment. If you're here, you already know and love "the sisu" of Lindsay, and you are already a member of Lindsay's incredible community of champions. Now you have a t-shirt to prove it.

If you are interested in more ways to help, Lindsay and I encourage you to consider making a donation to the healthcare organization that will be taking care of Linds and our family in the coming months. The Cowell Family Cancer Center has been amazing during this challenging time. And we've learned very quickly the many different ways that cancer can challenge a family. The Cancer Patient Needs Fund helps ease this burden for so many families in our community - providing childcare, social support, wigs and more. We feel so lucky to have abundant support, flexible jobs and family nearby, and recognize not every family is so fortunate.

Please consider donations to the Cancer Patient Needs Fund -